Expressways to Math


Expressways To Math®

Expressways To Math® I is used for remedial and regular training in basic math facts for 1st graders through adults. There are 94 lessons, each taking 30 to 60 minutes to complete successfully. They are provided with the expectation of at least 1 lesson per day for 4 to 5 days each week. Additional elementary programs teaching the telling of time and  money exchange  are also available for students at kindergarten thru elementary grade levels.

Expressways To Math® II & III are used chiefly for fourth grade through adults for training in fractions, decimals, percentages, measurements, geometry, sets, word problems and other pre-algebra and higher math applications.  These learning systems help students excel in algebra and higher math in approximately one hundred lesson hours.  More elementary programs teach telling time and working with money exchange.

Auditory-Visual Impression Pairing (A-VIP) in
Expressways To Math® & Expressways To Reading®

Auditory-Visual Impression Pairing (A-VIP) is developed and emphasized in these unique reading and math systems.  A-VIP restructures the brain’s circuits to implant memory so that all learning involving sequencing is strengthened and made permanent by the laws inherent in neuroscience.  Memory banks may be packed with trivia.  Only when the factors of intelligent comprehension are in place does logical sequencing and integration occur.  The practical systems of communication are sounds for speaking and symbols for writing or calculating. By uniting these in a pair with each item for integration and logical thinking makes systematic implementation available. The brain processes everything through the senses and stores information for later use. Intense rehearsal by means of the A-VIP process helps to automatically establish it into long-term memory.

A-VIP directly addresses the brain’s utility, function, and capacity to process incoming/outgoing information for the management of everything in the body and its environment.  Learning is the recognition, the accumulation and the capacity for applying the knowledge that is constantly presented to learners of any age.  There is no effect too complex for the brain’s management system.  Its only limitation is the perception capacity of the organism to which it is attached.

The modes of learning have been unnecessarily complicated by those who expected to educate the masses.  Every person is born with a capacity to learn.  It is as natural as breathing and directly dependent on the oxygen intake of the individual.  Food and exercise, likewise, affect learning.  In a healthy environment, healthy learning is heightened.  Where encouragement, appreciation and agreement are present, learning can accelerate at its optimum rate.  The converse is also true.  The belief structure is another important factor, because what is expected is likely to be attained.

Expressways To Learning® utilizes learning methods that involve quick assimilation of knowledge as well as ways of expressing what is important for intelligent communication.