Success Stories

Right after my son Cody had his evaluation at Advantage Tutoring Center, he walked up to me and said, “Mom I really want to start coming to this place to get help with my reading, they have awesome prizes for when I get enough points!”  Since that day, 3 months ago, Cody has loved going to ATC and working with his tutor to earn points for his rewards.  In fact, I am not even sure he knows how much he is learning because he enjoys it so much! I enjoy talking to the friendly staff at ATC.  However, my absolute favorite thing about ATC, is that Cody loves to read so much more now then he ever did before!  No matter where we are, he reads every word he sees!


“I like learning how to read because I love learning new things and I know books can help me.  I like my tutors because they help me read, show me what’s right and wrong and they teach me new things.”



“My daughter, Annie, has been doing the Expressways to Learning Math™ and Reading™ programs for 6 months.  She loves it and thinks it is fun.  She also loves the prizes that she earns.  But what WE love is that she is now thinking mathematically.  In other words, without any prompting, she calculates the cash we will get back when making a purchase.  She has also gained confidence in her time telling and independently reads the time on our analog clock with Roman numerals.  These were both activities that she refused to do previously.  She also reads aloud with much more fluency and accuracy than 6 months ago.

We are pleased with the care we all get at the learning center as well.  They are on top of what Annie needs and address her weaknesses promptly.  They also communicate with me regularly to keep me abreast about what is going on.  I feel like it is all custom made for Annie and that suits me well.”


“My son received his report card on 3-23-09. His grades have been so much better since we have enrolled him. On this report card he had 3 A’s, 3 B’s and 2 C’s. The C’s were very close to being B’ s. Thank you so much for all your help.” Our son attended Advantage Tutoring in Bellingham WA for 3 months.  He was struggling with math concepts and the “New Math” that is out there.  His grades greatly improved. The staff at Advantage Tutoring was awesome.  If anyone needs extra help with homework I highly recommend Advantage Tutoring in Bellingham WA.  Their business and staff are a great company and a benefit to the Bellingham area.

Mr. and Mrs. Sofka